well, i am afraid i must slowly phase this blog out and move to my new blog at

because i cannot have a blog that bears my name … not anymore , its just not ‘right’  (sadly)

http: europeanmonkey.wordpress.com

the reason is  because as a healthcare proffesional, i better not be seen having a blog of this sort. hahahaa , its vulgar and crazy and pulling shots at people , ridiculing, making fun of everything really… and not to mention those rude words /swear words…

so for sake of the image and the reputation of me as a registered healthcare proffesional , and in order to prevent the regulating body  to find out who is the man behind this ‘type’ of blog or …. writing letter to me or even suggest to the ‘board ‘ to de-register’ me from actively practice in uk, i have to do this before it happens, because some people may not be able to appreaciate my humour and thus will be offended

so with the advice from my lecturer, for preserving my right to practice and preventing me being questioned by or even put at risk the image of the british standards of healthcare proffesionals or code bla bla , i shalll go undercover. notice , i changed the details  at ”about me”


anyway .,…. please VISIT EUROPEANMONKEY.WORDPRESS.COM keep my fire burning willl ya